You Can Get a Better Deal on Almost Any Gift Card

Getting a discounted gift card can feel like a real win; it’s a kind of sale when you really feel like you’ve been given free money to put back in your pocket. However, it’s only really a deal if that gift card is for a store you were going to spend money on anyway – unless you’ve been shopping at Old Navy for ten years, forcing yourself to because you made a deal for a gift. the card is unlikely to make you feel satisfied in the end.

You should also always make sure that the website you’re buying gift cards from is legit (a quick Google search can help, and if it seems sketchy to you, go away); and if you’re buying gift cards from a physical store, check them to make sure they haven’t been tampered with .

Where to find gift card offers

If you’ve ever tried to get rid of a gift card you knew you’d never use, you may have heard of CardCookie . The website connects sellers of unwanted gift cards with buyers who crave them. While the deal will technically always be better for the buyer given that they won’t be paying face value for the card, the seller should probably get something for a card they know they’ll never use (especially if it was a gift). rather than money from your own pocket).

Offers change frequently, but right now you can find Aeropostale and Banana Republic gift cards at 15% off (you can also use Banana Republic gift cards at, and ). Although CardCookie has checks for buyers and sellers, it’s not ideal. Some fake gift cards are sold on the website, but as a buyer, you must get your money back if this happens. The site has mostly positive reviews from

You can get gift cards in these stores with a 10% discount on CardCookie right now:

Other discount gift card sites

Like CardCookie, there are other websites that link buyers and sellers of gift cards. If you can’t find the store you’re looking for or want to see if you can find a better deal, you can also try:

Buy in bulk at wholesale stores

Wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club always sell discount gift cards when you buy them in bulk: some of these deals are only available in the store, but you can still find some online, like this $500 gift card for Southwest for $450 from Costco (must click on the $500 option) or two $50 gift cards for the $80 Hard Rock Cafe from Sam’s Club.


Companies sell discount gift cards because they want you to shop in their store. They’re hoping that you fall into the big group of people who never use their gift card , or that you buy more gift cards than you intended to spend. The good news is that if you are intentional about your choice, you can bypass these tricks and easily take advantage of the discounts they offer with these two simple rules:

  • Only buy gift cards when you know you will have to spend the money anyway.
  • Buy only the quantity (or less) you need,


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