19 Kitchen Knives You May Come Across (and What They’re Really For)

If you’ve been feeding yourself for a while, you’ve probably figured out that there’s a difference between “preparing food” and cooking it. Mixing boxed macaroni and cheese and calling it dinner is not quite the same as whipping up artichoke-stuffed beef tenderloin with potato fingers. At this stage, you have to decide who you are: a person who uses one or two knives for everything, or are you a person who likes to use certain tools for certain tasks, creating his savory masterpieces?

There is a surprisingly wide variety of types of kitchen knives, and each one has a rather specific use. While you can (and many do) use a chef’s knife for everything, if you’re curious about the many (many) other knives that exist in the world of cooking, here’s what to use them for.


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