All the Free Food You Can Get at Del Taco This Month

Whether it’s because of a post-holiday hangover or a normal hangover, free food is especially delicious in January. If you’re a Del Taco devotee, you’ve got great news: every day in January 2023, the chain is giving away one free item (if you spend at least $3 on something else first).

The month is already halfway over, but don’t worry about missing out on some taco treat: all of the daily specials come from their $20 to $2 menu and change throughout the month, so there’s definitely some repetition. (In fact, it looks like the only item from the beginning of the month that won’t reappear is a medium-sized iced tea.)

Here’s everything you can get for free until the end of the month, starting with today’s promotion:

  • January 16th: Crispy Chicken Tacos (Rancho, Chipotle, or Habanero)
  • January 17th: Small Real Strawberry Lemonade
  • January 18: Bean and Cheese Burrito (red or green sauce)
  • January 19: Crunchtada tostada
  • January 20: Taco snack (crunchy or soft)
  • January 21st: 2 mini cinnamon churros
  • January 22: Queso quesadilla snack
  • January 23: Chicken del carbon guacom up
  • January 24th: Café del olla iced coffee (regular size)
  • January 25: 4-piece donuts.
  • January 26: Cheddar Chicken Roll (original, ranch or chipotle)
  • January 27th: Crispy Chicken Tacos in Guac (Rancho, Chipotle, or Habanero)
  • January 28th: ​​Small Real Strawberry Lemonade
  • January 29: Taco snack (crunchy or soft)
  • January 30: 3 layers of queso nachos
  • January 31: mini shake (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry)

As with many free fast food deals, getting a free Del Taco isn’t as easy as driving up to the counter (or car) and asking for it. There is some fine print between you and your tacos. In addition to the minimum purchase amount of $3, you also need to order through Del Yeah! rewards application; this is the only place where this offer is available. But if you’re willing to spend a few bucks and add another app to your phone, you can enjoy free food for an entire month.


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