Don’t Buy Apple IPhone Cases

When you get a new iPhone, it’s always a good idea to bring a case with you: accidents happen and you don’t need a crack on the expensive new phone you just bought. And if you buy your phone from the Apple Store or, the company will advertise their cases while you checkout. But you’re better off ignoring them for a good side case.

Apple iPhone cases are not worth the money

When your iPhone is over $1,000, a $59 case seems like a small extra cost, but it’s actually a lot of money for a case. Apple has three types of cases for its iPhones: clear, silicone, and leather, and none of them are worth the asking price.

When you pay $49 to $59 for a case, you should be getting a high quality case that will last a long time, which is not the case with most of these products. According to user reports we’ve seen, the clear case tends to crack around the edges , the silicone case breaks too easily , and the leather case tends to show uneven wear after a while. If you just need to get an Apple case, the leather case seems to have the best user reviews on the internet (but it still probably isn’t the best leather case for your iPhone). However, leather cases require a bit more maintenance and may not be suitable for everyone. If you have sweaty hands, the leather case will get dirty or old pretty quickly. Either way, you can find iPhone cases that are cheaper and/or better than Apple’s own options.

What to do if your Apple case falls apart

If your original Apple case starts to break, you can still get it replaced under warranty within a year of purchase. Take it to your nearest Apple Store or contact Apple Support with proof of purchase for advice on a replacement. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, and if your original Apple case falls apart with regular use, you might have a good case for a free new one.

Can you say no to an iPhone case altogether?

When you use your iPhone without a case, the chances of cosmetic damage are pretty high, and a good case greatly reduces those chances. But if you absolutely hate to use the case, you should consider purchasing an insurance plan. AppleCare+ is probably the best option for your iPhone, but you can also consider other options like insurance plans linked to your credit card. That way, if your phone accidentally gets damaged, you’ll either fix the problem or walk away with a brand new iPhone. In general, you should not refuse a case with such an expensive and almost non-repairable device as the iPhone.


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