12 Amazing Supersets to Add to Your Next Workout

Who doesn’t love a superset? The combination of two exercises saves time in the main workout, if the program allows it. And if you want to get some work done at the end of the day, a superset is an effective way to do it. So let’s take a look at a few perfect pairs that you can add to your next workout.

But first, a little background: to do a superset, you simply do a set of the first exercise, then while those muscles are resting, you do a set of the second exercise. You can take a short break before repeating the pair if necessary. Repeat the required number of approaches. Most of the supersets on this list work well as a finisher, providing a little extra volume at the end of the workout. Try three sets of each exercise for 8-12 reps.

By the way, I’m only including things that are easy to put together on this list, because no one wants to run back and forth between a weight machine and a squat rack. I also mostly stick to true supersets that engage opposing muscles (like a push-and-pull combo), while adding a few pairs that work well together even if they don’t fit the classic definition.


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