You Can Get Free Content From Target by Viewing Products

Many of us rely on customer reviews of products when trying to decide what to buy or when choosing between similar products from different brands. Hearing the opinions of “real people” can seem much more valuable and credible than believing what professional marketing language is trying to sell you. But what if you could be the person who helps others make those decisions, and get a few free products for yourself in the process? Target offers two such programs that ship products to members for free in exchange for an honest review. Here is a little about each of them.


Samplers is a product discovery platform where subscribers can try different products from brands that partner with them to submit free products for an honest review. Target recently partnered with Sampler to send Target Insider Boxes to reviewers containing products based on demographics and responses from a survey that subscribers must complete in order to sign up.

Keep in mind that just because you don’t qualify for something right after you sign up doesn’t mean you won’t be able to claim something later. Check back later to see if you’re a product that Target wants reviews for. Once you get approved and match the products, expect the cryptic box in your mail in about two to three weeks. You can read the Sampler FAQ here .

Hey apple

Hi Bullseye is Target’s official product discovery platform. It works similar to Sampler, except it’s a little harder to get into the program because you have to be invited . Target is looking for customers who regularly leave reviews on their website and sends those people invitations to participate in Hey, Bullseye.

However, once you become a member of the program, Target will ship products to you for free in exchange for writing honest reviews on their website. Reviews will remain unedited (but must comply with Target’s Review Writing Guidelines ) and will appear on the respective product’s profile. Target hopes the reviews will help other consumers make better shopping decisions.


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