Use These Tactics to Get the Best Gym Member Deal This Month

If you don’t approach getting a new January gym membership with the same mindset you would use to negotiate with a car dealership, you probably aren’t getting a good enough deal. January is the Black Friday of gym memberships , and you need to strategize and plan accordingly: you need to know what you want before you look if you want to emerge victorious.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of tricks and strategies that gyms practice when signing a contract, and if you don’t know about them, they can backfire on you. Here’s what you need to know.

Shop around

Just like with dealerships, you should visit several gyms in your area. You can even “test” gyms, as many of them will offer free trials, usually for seven days, so you can see what it’s like to work out at the gym in the long run. Is the commute to work or home sustainable? Are people gaining weight in the stands again? Are the bathrooms clean? Find out what is important to you and look for it. You probably won’t find a gym that meets all your requirements, but you can get close.

Expect Deals

As mentioned, January is a hot month for gyms – they will all be competing with each other for your business. You are a hot commodity, so don’t sell yourself cheap. If the gym doesn’t offer a discount or waive the entry fee, squat at the next gym. Look for special offers that will last for the duration of your membership if you sign an annual contract (although we’ll explain why we don’t recommend them). Some gyms may also offer bonus perks, such as allowing you to use the sauna or massage equipment for free for a limited time. The point is to agree. Don’t be afraid to ask for things that aren’t advertised. Gyms are flexible and may give special perks. You can even bring a friend to the negotiating table to play good cop and bad cop.

Don’t fall for cheap tricks

Some gyms try to look cute and offer “free meals” to impress potential clients. You can even go to a pizza party when you try to negotiate; just remember that nothing in life is free. When a gym offers “free meals”, all of these costs are passed on to members, so you’ll be charged for them as soon as you sign up. Just like you would say at work: save the party and instead put that money on a raiseā€”in this case, a better deal.

Consider monthly contracts

Unless you’re an experienced gym pro (in which case you’re probably not reading this article), a monthly membership is often better value, especially if it’s your first time. Many people hope that the financial commitment associated with signing a membership agreement for the year will encourage them to stay for the full year. Unfortunately, this is not how most people work. If you find it hard to go to the gym, find other methods of motivation that will not hurt you financially. Inviting a friend to the gym is not only great for responsibility, but also for motivation (and a two-for-one package can give you more leeway at the negotiating table). Not to mention, a year is a long time full of unpredictable surprises. Remember when we entered 2020 thinking it would be better ? Yeah.

Sign at the end of January

All of you procrastinators hoping to change your lifestyle this year by going to the gym have an advantage. In fact, the best time to sign up for a membership is the end of the month when gyms are trying to fill their monthly quotas and are more flexible on deals. This gives you an edge at the negotiating table and the gym is more likely to give in to your demands. For example, if a contract requires a cancellation fee, negotiate a withdrawal, or for shorter contract terms, a cheaper monthly rate, or something else that will make the deal more enjoyable for you.


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