This Breath of the Wild Glitch Gives You Invincibility and Unlimited Stamina

Nearly six years after its launch and a sequel just around the corner, Breath of the Wild is still a hugely popular game with Switch players of all stripes. One would think that gamers have already learned everything there is to know about this great adventure, but new things are popping up all the time. We now know about a bug that gives you unlimited stamina and invincibility, but it takes a bit of effort to trigger.

The YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented noted the groundbreaking glitch in this video . This is a great combination. Imagine being able to take off from a cliff in your glider without ever running out of steam. Imagine stepping up to any boss and going head-to-head with no fear of death, upscaling (and your blood pressure).

The thing is, the steps you need to take to cause the crash are quite complex. You need to start with an upgraded Sheikha Gauge, save the game next to any of the Goddess Statues on the map, the Hyrule Compendium Entry, Camera Rune, and access to Hyrule Castle. You then follow a series of precise button presses and actions that you’ll probably have to repeat a few times to get it right, and you’ll move from the bridge in front of Hyrule Castle to the saved game at the statue of the goddess.

However, once you get the hang of the steps, you’ll be one dive away from invincibility and unlimited stamina, which means you’re free to explore the world with few restrictions. I mean this too: this glitch doesn’t trigger cutscenes, which means you can do things you normally can’t do in the game. For example, you can run through any part of the Lost Forest without getting spit out for taking the wrong path. You also won’t be kicked out of Gerudo City no matter what you’re wearing, and you can run around Evertide Island while keeping all your weapons.

However, there are some limitations. Do not talk to NPCs, enter shrines, or open treasure chests while using this bug or you will lock the game and have to reload to start over. If you pause the game, switch items, or use runes, you will stop crashing and have to repeat the steps again to get it to work.

Watch the Gaming Reinvented video below to learn all about it, and learn the steps to try it out for yourself.

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