Support Yourself With $1 BOGO Wendy’s Chicken Sandwiches All This Month

In the world of fast food, mobile app deals have replaced the newspaper coupon inserts of the past, each offering their own deals to convince you to download them and hopefully use them to order more and more food. And if you haven’t downloaded the Wendy app yet, this month is the time to do it: the app’s Reward Store section offers you to buy one $1 Chicken Sandwich and get one Chicken Sandwich to keep you going until the end of January.

How to get a deal?

Wendy’s offers no excuse for the deal, except maybe to force you to buy more Wendy’s. Despite this, the offer is simple: buy a classic chicken sandwich or a spicy chicken sandwich and get another one for a dollar. The deal is valid until the end of January and ends on February 5th. You must order sandwiches through the Wendy’s app and will not be able to pick them up in person. However, you can pick up food at the store or order delivery.

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There are some limitations to keep in mind. You can only receive a BOGO offer once per visit and only at a participating Wendy’s. Your app should tell you if your local Wendy’s is participating, as the location will show up as an option when placing an order. The offer only applies to sandwiches ordered from the menu, so if you prefer to order combos, you’re out of luck. Also, you can only use the official Wendy app; it won’t work with a third party delivery service app like GrubHub. And finally, you will have to pay for the more expensive sandwich in your order. The cheapest chicken sandwich will cost a dollar.


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