12 of the Best Movie Detectives of All Time

Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is back three years after ripping apart a bunch of rich assholes in Knives Out, and Bow of Glass throws him an even bigger anti-rich secret, proving that Netflix was, uh, on the money, laying out hundreds of millions. dollars to turn the character into the next Sherlock Holmes. Is the national private detective destined to become one of the best detectives in the movie? Two great films mean he’s well on his way to joining this list.

Glass Bow: Mystery of Knives | Official teaser trailer | Netflix

It might be premature to add Blanc to the pantheon of cinematic sneakers, but given the detective series’ past, that fictional detectives eventually outgrow their stars is the rule rather than the exception, with new actors coming in to replace them, for better or worse. worst. It’s hard to imagine detective Benoit Blanc without Daniel Craig, but sometimes these characters suddenly take on a life of their own. Here are a dozen of the most enduring cinematic detectives and their most memorable images.


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