The 15 Greatest Liars Movies

In an age of fake news and occasional misinformation, it is somewhat reassuring that we can still be surprised and/or amused by lies. Enter freshman Congressman George Santos, a Long Island Republican who turns out to be incapable of being honest on any issue.

It appears that Santos lied about (or at least still didn’t want to or couldn’t verify information about) his education, his Jewish background (including a family runaway from the Holocaust), his finances , his relationship with the many victims of the Pulse nightclub. , his involvement in several jobs and charities, his marital status , and the death of his mother during the events of 9/11 (deeply confusing as she also appears to have died in 2016). It’s good news that we can still express our collective outrage at this sort of thing; it is not good that no consequences, except for a public giggle, have yet followed. He certainly won’t be the first American politician to get away with lying and easily refuted lies.

However, this particular politician is exposed, at least for now, and it’s worth a brief moment of celebration – perhaps by watching some films that feature compulsive liars who go about their deceitful business for fun and profit.


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