The 10 Best Mental Health Podcasts to Help You Get Through 2023

Growing up has never been easy, but as of March 2020, we are all struggling with the added stress. The pandemic has brought a host of new things to face, from growing anxiety to extreme isolation, and even though we’re all pretending. returned to normal, many of us are still trying to process the last three years. When you’re dealing with a mental health issue — from obsessive-compulsive disorder to addiction and grief — there are no simple solutions. One of the best ways to help yourself is to talk about it in therapy , but it can also be helpful to listen to others talk about their own experiences. Think of these 10 podcasts as group therapy sessions on the go. They definitely shouldn’t replace your weekly therapist appointments, but you can think of them as small improvements to your treatment that will help you feel less depressed, less lonely, and maybe even a little more joyful.


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