How to Wash Removable Sports Bra Pads on Wash Day

Removable liners on swimwear and sports bras are a necessary evil, but they are truly evil. On the one hand, they are great because they add a bit of coziness, give extra lift and charm, and keep you from frolicking at the gym or on the beach. (If you want to pinch off, that’s fine; the pads, as we said, are removable.) However, that’s what makes them so mean: The pads come out of their little insertion holes when washed. They flip over and over in clothing when worn normally. They are pain. Here’s how to finally keep them under control.

Expand the holes for the inserts in the bra.

If your pads keep falling out in the washer, it may seem counterintuitive to make the holes wider , but be aware that it will make it easier to reinstall the foam in the end. Use scissors to cut a line down the center of the inner piece of fabric (the piece sewn on at the back to hold them in place). You should then sew around the new raw edges to prevent cracking or widening of the hole.

Attach pads before washing

If you don’t want them to fall out in the wash at all, just use safety pins to secure the pads in place before loading them into the machine. Of course, be sure to remove the pins before putting your bra or swimsuit back on, but other than that it’s one of those decisions that seems too obvious when you think about it. (So ​​why didn’t we ever think about it?)

You can also just sew them in place from the beginning if you like. Sew a few simple stitches on the top and bottom of the pad while it is in the bag, taking care to sew it only to this inner panel and not allowing the needle to pierce the front of the garment.

Roll up the gasket before re-inserting it

For some reason, whenever the pads of my sports bras come out of the wash, I always try to push them back out through the tiny insert hole, squeezing them as they go and creating creases that then cause them to clump when I put them on. I wear. Only recently have I decided to be a little more attentive, patient and purposeful. I started to fold them up and slide them through the hole about 90%, then let them unfold while holding a small portion on the outside of the garment, and adjust them when they flattened out on the inside.

Or just get a tool to help you

If you don’t have the knack or patience to pin or roll your pads, don’t worry. I recently learned about a special tool designed for just this purpose. It’s like scissors, but doesn’t cut your notebook. You lay the pad flat, open the “scissors” on top of it, fold the sides of the pad over two prongs, squeeze the new roll together with the handle, and stuff it through the hole. This sounds more complicated than it actually is, so here’s a video of it all in action:

The Cup Claw is now $14.50 on Amazon , which seems like a fair price to pay for your sanity after a day of laundry.


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