Don’t Dry Your Sheets Completely

People are complex, varied, and wonderful, but in at least one respect we all fall into one of two categories: either we care about wrinkled sheets , or we don’t give a damn about them. However, whether you’re a militant anti-wrinkle or completely uninterested in keeping your bedding clean, there are several good reasons to take your sheets out of the dryer while they’re still damp and lay them straight on your bed.

Wet sheets help eliminate wrinkles

TikTokkers has been uploading videos of themselves using this hack for some time now. They are particularly pleased that the sheets become “sharper” when done right. But this tip also predates TikTok: recommends it, and some TikTok commenters even say that’s how they’ve seen it done in hotels.

For maximum wrinkle suppression, place sheets in the dryer after washing and then remove them while they are damp but not wet . Just a little moisture is all you need. Spread them out on your bed as usual, then turn on the fan . Some CleanTok experts recommend doing this first thing in the morning to give them enough time to dry out throughout the day before you get back to bed. According to 12 Tomatoes , you should keep the duvet away from the sheets until they dry. Instead of drying completely in the dryer and wrinkling, they dry flat and tight on the bed.

It also helps them smell better.

Drying the sheets on the bed instead of in the dryer will have the same effect as drying clothes on a line: they will smell better and be softer than if they were blown with hot air in a car.


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