Why You Should Replace Your Old IPhone’s Battery Right Now

Smartphones are so good these days that you can use them for years without updating them. While companies like Apple try to make their newest gadgets look a lot better than your old model, a fresh battery is often all you need to give your old iPhone new life. However, if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced, you should do so now.

As reported by 9to5Mac , Apple is going to raise the price of iPhone battery replacements by $20, which is a relatively significant increase from previous prices. So far, changing the battery has been an easy task. The extra cost, especially for later iPhone models, may not make the fix as attractive.

Don’t get me wrong, battery repairs are still a lot cheaper than buying a new iPhone. (The activation fee alone is probably close to the price of a battery replacement.) But the more expensive, the more expensive, and shipping the old battery to Apple after the price increase will cost you $20 more than before.

Lucky for you, the change hasn’t gone into effect yet. Apple does not plan to raise battery repair prices until March. If you bring in your iPhone in January or February, Apple will offer you existing prices.

Here’s how much it costs to fix your iPhone battery

By the way, that’s how much the repair cost until March. The following iPhones cost $69 for battery repairs:

  • iPhone 13 pro/max
  • iPhone 13/mini
  • iPhone 12 pro/max
  • iPhone 12/mini
  • iPhone 11 pro/max
  • iphone 11
  • iPhone XS/max.
  • iPhone xp
  • iphone x

The same repair for the following iPhones costs $49:

  • iPhone SE (all three generations)
  • iPhone 8/plus
  • iPhone 7/plus
  • iPhone 6S/Plus
  • iPhone 6/plus
  • iPhone 5/5C

After March, these prices will rise to $ 89 and $69 respectively. The iPhone 14 line is not affected by this price increase, although Apple is already charging $99 to replace the iPhone 14 battery. While it’s cool, at least it’s cooler than the rest, the iPhone 14 is less than four months old, so no one needs a battery replacement anyway .

These prices are the same whether you bring your iPhone to an Apple Store, mail it to Apple, or choose an Apple Authorized Reseller. But Apple isn’t your only option – you can obviously shop at unauthorized stores to see if you can get a better price, but you can also cut the cost in half after March by replacing the battery yourself. For example, iFixit offers a complete iPhone 12 battery replacement kit for $44.99. If you’re not afraid to open up your own iPhone, this might be a more accessible (and more interesting) approach.

When should you replace your iPhone battery?

Now you don’t have to expose your iPhone to an Apple operation if it doesn’t need it. If your battery is good, there’s no point in trying to replace it to save $20. Typically, batteries are good enough to keep your iPhone working properly until it drops below 80%. At this point, when fully charged, the battery holds less than 80% of its charge when it was new, and you may start to notice performance issues and unexpected shutdowns. If you’re at this stage, you need to head to the Apple Store as soon as possible to take advantage of the lower prices.

To check your iPhone’s battery health, go to Settings > Battery > Battery & Charging Health and look at the number next to Maximum Capacity.


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