18 of the Wildest Stunts in Movie History

Determined to prove that actors in their sixties are perfectly capable of risking life and limb for the perfect shot, actor Tom Cruise promises his most impressive stunt of his career – at the end of a career they’ve defined – in the awkwardly titled Mission: Impossible: The Wage of Death. . , part one . Cruz says the film features “the most dangerous thing we’ve ever tried” and it involves driving a motorcycle off a cliff and jumping off it into a base jump. Better him than me.

Cruz has raised the bar for practical stunts with each successive film in the M:I series, so his claims don’t seem like mere hype. At least since the fourth installment, every movie has at least one scene that could be on the list of the most impressive movie stunts of all time. (Perhaps it would be better if the saga came to an end before it killed its star.)

Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death, Part One | The greatest stunt in the history of cinema (Tom Cruise)

No modern film uses at least a little digital trick, if only for safety, but even in today’s CGI-infused landscape, there’s still a market for deadly practical tricks – and most of the time, we can actually tell the difference. . And, of course, in the days of cinema there was everything that was, and tricks in real life. Here are 18 of the wildest moments ever caught on film.


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