Where to Get $400 Xbox Gift Cards for Just $320

Right now, Costco is selling Xbox gift cards at 20% off, and you can get them for up to $400 per member (or more if you have other authorized members in your membership). This means you can receive $400 worth of gift cards for a total of $320 that you can use to buy anything from the Microsoft Online Store , including Windows laptops, Xbox game consoles, games, and game passes.

How to Get $400 Xbox Gift Cards for $320

From now through January 1, Costco is selling $100 Xbox gift cards and $ 25 packs of four games as digital downloads for $80 each. There is a limit of two items per member and you must be logged in to view the full deal. Gift cards are available “while supplies last”, which seems like odd wording for a digital gift card, but your Costco might also have them in store. Non-members can purchase $25 four-pack gift cards online for an additional 5% surcharge, which works out to $200 for $170 gift cards. Digital gift card codes arrive via email “within the hour,” according to Costco.

How to get the most out of a deal

If you also have a family member or friend who is allowed to use your membership, you can go even further. Because the deal limit is per member , not membership (you can read the terms and conditions here ), they can also get their own $400 gift cards. You can also easily add them to your membership to take advantage of the deal.

You might think that $400 Xbox gift cards are a bit excessive, but if you’re buying a new console, this might be the perfect time to pull the trigger.


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