Your Spinbike Needs Pedal Adapters

Cycling shoes are a must if you have a spin bike and are very common on road bikes as well. The shoes are stiff enough to properly transfer force to the pedals, and the studs securely lock you onto the pedals so you don’t slip. With the right shoes, you can effectively pedal in circles rather than just pushing one foot and then the other. It’s a good news.

The bad news is that when your bike is equipped with special pedals that work with cycling shoes, it becomes almost impossible to ride them without shoes. This is not a problem if you are just one person with one bike. But if you want your partner or roommates to be able to rent a bike, things get more complicated. I live in a family of five and I wouldn’t mind my husband and older kids riding my Peloton, but do I really want to buy a few extra pairs of dedicated shoes in case anyone else wants to ride her?

Pedal adapters fill the gap

MARQUE Peloton Toe Clips | No shoes required for rotation

The most affordable type of pedals are flat, with a toe cage or a clip into which you can insert your sneakers. If you’ve ever ridden a bike in the cardio section of a gym, you’ve probably used them.

Pedal adapters allow you to experience the same sensations on a spinbike. Take, for example, Peloton bikes. They use Delta LOOK spikes, which are not very common outside of the Peloton ecosystem. The pedal has a horseshoe section to which the spike of the boot is attached, but it cannot accommodate a toe box or otherwise accommodate running shoes.

This is where pedal adapters come in handy. They snap into a special pedal and provide a flat surface. There are types that just give that surface, but the more useful look also has an attached finger cage. Here is a video showing how they work .

Pedal adapters also exist for other types of cleats such as the more common SPD cleats. There is even a universal platform that you can install any type of spike on, but you will have to attach it yourself. Search for the name of your cleat style, as well as “toe converter” or “adapter platform” to start a comparison.

Reversible pedals are an option for SPD cleats.

Another option is to completely replace the pedals. Most spin bikes can use any standard bike pedal, so you can choose any style you like from a bike shop or online. (Installation is easy, but remember the left pedal uses reverse threads .)

When I had shoes that used SPD cleats (the more common type, not specific to Peloton), I used reversible pedals that had an SPD mount on one side and were flat enough on the other to be able to use them. with boots. I rode in my smart red cycling shoes and my husband and son just flipped the pedals to the other side to use the bike with their running shoes.

If you’re traveling, it might be helpful to know that the Peloton bikes you find in hotels usually have this type of pedal (not Delta cleats). But if you’re babysitting a friend’s house or otherwise want to try out a bike that only has clipless pedals, get yourself an adapter specifically designed for that type of cleat.


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