This TikTok Dryer Hack Can Set Your House on Fire

Another day, another TikTok hack that seems clean and safe , but could actually be a total disaster . While some viral hacks are actually as wonderful as they sound , the newer one that suggests you make a reusable dryer by soaking a sponge in a fabric softener solution (and then tossing it into the dryer) is anything but.

One British woman told the local press that after she soaked sponges in fabric softener and water and placed them in the dryer, the appliance caught fire overnight. Even before the horror story hit the news, home appliance experts were already speaking out against the TikTok-popularized hack, warning that it could stain clothes anyway .

However, TikTok is full of videos of people making “reusable dryer sheets” out of sponges and fabric softener. If you’re a CleanTok stalker, you’ve probably already seen these clips or will soon. To fix your algorithm, click here to see a video of another influencer criticizing the hack for leaving your clothes full of melted plastic.

Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t use this tip: potential staining, melted plastic, and of course, a house fire.

How to make clothes smell fresh?

This news may come as a surprise if you really like “fresh scents” on your fabrics, but you really don’t need harsh detergents to keep laundry smelling clean, as we explained earlier . Something as simple as not overfilling your dryer or splashing lavender water on your clothes before washing can make your fabrics smelly without the risk of stains or catching fire. But do not use essential oils for this, as they can also leave stains. Keep your washing machine clean as well to maximize its pleasant smell.


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