No, the “salad Dressing Cleaning Hack” Doesn’t Work (but It Does)

You may have seen some online chatter lately about the “salad dressing” cleaning method as a ploy to remove accumulated grease and debris from kitchen surfaces. Some cleaning techniques are reliable while others are less useful ; this one falls into the second category. However, you can see it everywhere and be overwhelmed by the curiosity of it all, so let’s talk about it – and a similar method that is much better.

What is a “salad dressing cleaning hack”?

So named because it uses the basic ingredients for a simple vinaigrette, the “hack” suggests removing accumulated grease and grime from surfaces by first treating them with grease (such as olive or vegetable oil) and then using acid (vinegar) to wipe away the mess. . The oil is said to absorb grease, while the vinegar, according to House Digest , “cuts through dirt and kills bacteria”.

So what’s the problem? Although vinegar is known for being a cleaning hero, it is not the liquid to use when you are dealing with oily substances because vinegar is polar, meaning it mixes with watery things, not oily ones. You can try this if you want, but you’ll create a mess that you’ll eventually need to clean up with another classic cleaner: soap and water. (Also, soap is a better disinfectant than vinegar anyway .)

What is the best way to wash kitchen grease?

So our recommendation when you’re tackling greasy, greasy residue is to start with the oil ( dab a little with a paper towel ), let it clean up the mess, and then wash the entire area with soap and water. It may not have a catchy name like “salad dressing cleaning hack” but at least it will actually work.


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