Top 20 TV Shows of 2022

As cinemas increasingly focus on four-quadrant blockbusters designed to offend as few people as possible, television has become a playground for experimentation. At least for now – if the streaming service’s bubble doesn’t burst in 2022, it’s definitely leaking. As Netflix stock crashes and HBO Max struggles to figure out how it fits into the post-merger mega-corporation, good shows are being canceled despite viewing numbers that would have been normal a year ago. Even some big successes fall into the danger zone because no one wants to pay for them. However, for now, there are treasures to be found both on streamers and even networks, and hopefully that will continue to be the case, even if the selection is likely to dwindle a bit in the next few years. The success of something like the Squid Game last year also opened the door to imports – it certainly didn’t escape the programmers that Americans would watch foreign shows if they were motivated enough. Even if English-language programs become a little less interesting in the future, there is literally a whole world of television waiting for us.


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