The “Good” Way to Get Rid of the Big Bags You Hate

The holidays are a time to give to others, but it’s also an opportunity to give to yourself, meaning freedom from the overwhelming pile of reusable bags. The thing is, nobody wants more bags anymore, so you have to be mean and sweet. It is best to present it as part of a generous gift.

I first started gifting bags because I needed extra packing material for the Christmas cookie cutters that I sent to friends and family. I was running out of paper bags and spotted my tote bag. Maybe you have one too: a reusable tote full of simply more reusable tote bags. I have my favorites and the rest take up space. Maybe some of them are even beautiful and durable, but, unfortunately, they were never used. However, it turns out that they prevent the cookie cutters from slipping. Neatly folded or tied around the main gift, they looked like part of the package and acted as a buffer when thrown. Use them to send any Christmas packages this year – hopefully to a more loving home. If the recipient decides to throw it away, then it’s a monster that hates the planet, not you. While this is most convincingly done with “beautiful” reusable bags, you can do it with crappy corner shops too. I’m clearly not here to judge.

If you still have bags, use them to pack everything you bring to the holidays. When you go to any holiday parties, work lunches, or New Year’s celebrations in the next few weeks, take advantage of this opportunity. Bring wine, booze, food, an ice pack, whatever it is, and carry it in a bag you hate. The same thing happens if you go to see a family with gifts on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. Pack all your wrapped gifts in these large Ikea bags. Arrive at the party and considerately present your donation to the host. Don’t take out the contents, just kindly hand over the whole bag. Party hosts, don’t despair: you can also get rid of extra bags. Use them to pack up leftovers to send home with guests. Your drunk friends (and their sober drivers) will love you for it.

Do you usually treat your neighbors with cookies or cakes for a festive mood? You know what to do. To give any bag an extra shine, wrap the handles with ribbon. To sell it even more, attach a gift tag to the pens. Writing the owner’s name on it seals the deal. Now it’s your big bag, friend! With a certain sequence, you can get rid of your holiday weight before January 1st. Then you can start the new year fresh with just a few of your favorite reusable bags to last until you inevitably get 10-20 more. , and the (re)cycle starts again.


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