Stack up Your Meatloaf, You Sluts

Now people are very passionate about their boards. I’m not going to comment on the viral oil board, only to say that it’s a perversion of the oil board that I came up with last year and that my concept is better and more hygienic. But enough about that. The best boards are made with meat and cheese, artfully laid out, with other small entrees to complement the meat and/or cheese.

Cheese is beautiful in its own way, but making meat visually appealing can be a bit tricky. Is there anything you can do to revive the situation? Stack up the sausages, folks. This gives your salami and others a neater and more attractive appearance, but also makes it easier to grab and carry into your mouth.

Party meats are usually packaged in neat little rows either at a deli or a processor, and you might be tempted to just take the meat out of its packaging and place it on a board. However, it will be quite obvious that you did, which indicates a slight lack of care. But, as a practical matter, no one wants to spend valuable party time peeling meat from meat. Have you ever tried to share two thinly sliced ​​prosciutto in front of a crowd? A nightmare. Save your guests from the humiliation of all this.

The easiest way to do this is to take the meat out of the package it was sold in, then fold it into small crescents and arrange the crescents in a row. For softer slices like mortadella and sliced ​​ham, you can form them into small, fluffy piles. For a really sticky snack like thinly sliced ​​Parma ham, wrap it around a bread stick so your guests can grab it and leave without touching the meat. ( Salami rose is also a pretty option, although I have noticed that people are hesitant to ruin its beauty.)


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