18 Movies to Sniff Before Cocaine Bear

Friends, this is the story of Cocaine Bear; A cocaine-loving carnivore that went feral around 1985.

Kentucky Fun Mall

Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the upcoming film tells the story of a woodland creature sometimes known as Pablo Escober, who, back in 1985, ate a whole damn ton of cocaine after a smuggler ejected about 35 kilograms of the substance from a private jet that couldn’t handle the load… which also Unfortunately, that turned out to be the case with Cocaine Bear, who wanted to throw a Jordan Balfour-themed party, but instead kept a stuffed curiosity forever in a Kentucky gift shop. Banks’ film slanders Cocaine Bear by sending him into a murderous rage, while obviously my boyfriend was just trying to cope with the pressures of his heavy day job as a stock trader (sort of like a bear market). And unfortunately, our bearish friend is not alone in being misjudged and misunderstood. Here are 18 other movies featuring animals just trying to break free and, I don’t know, eat a few people. It’s OK.


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