11 Video Games You Can Play All Winter

Winter is coming, and like any energetic American, I plan to spend it hibernating and playing video games. But not just any video game. I like single player story games that are very, very long . They contrast with non-narrative (or light-narrative) video games that can be played forever, such as Stardew Valley . No, these are games that reward you for the effort you put in, with a story at least as enjoyable as reading a book, but with faster button press sequences. Here are 11 super long, super great singles that I and others have seen different cold winters. They are listed in order from shortest to longest*. *Calculating the “length” of a video game is harder than it looks. We all play at different speeds, and whether or not you “finish” the game really depends on your own definition of the word. So I’ve taken the time it takes players to complete the main story (taken from howlongtobeat.com ) and averaged it over the time it takes to complete everything to get a rough estimate of “game length”. It’s more math than I’m comfortable with.


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