11 Popular TV Series That No One Expected

People like the environment , it seems. From Smallville ‘s masterminds Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (with a little help from executive producer Tim Burton, who directed several episodes), the series was a huge, record breaking hit for Netflix. It’s no joke: Stranger Things 4 once held the crown for first-week views with a staggering 335 million hours. Wednesday fell at 341.2 . Who foresaw this ?

Wednesday Addams | Official trailer | Netflix

There was never any reason to believe that the show would not be at least a modest success. Although it’s been a while since he’s been as successful in blockbusters as he was in the days of old, Burton’s name still evokes respect and instant brand association. Plus, The Addams Family is always close to pop culture: a couple of animated films, each doing very respectable business in 2019 and 2021. Even without a direct connection, this show is most reminiscent of Barry Sonnenfeld’s favorite films of the 1990s, they even cast Christina Ricci in a supporting role, but these films are about 30 years old. The first reviews for Wednesday were good, but not only that… it all added to the feeling that the show could do well, but I never would have guessed that it would have a great streaming business for all time. (There’s probably a lot we can give TikTok credit for .) Wednesday ‘s monstrous success (no pun intended) is a rare occurrence that keeps TV executives on their toes – the fact that we can still be surprised by the show’s success means they haven’t yet figured out the secret formula, which means they’ll have to keep trying new and (hopefully) interesting things. Here are 11 more inexplicable hits of the last decades.


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