Six Ways to Use Swiffers at Home (Beyond Swiffers)

Sweaters are weird. To begin with, they are quite expensive, not to mention that you will have to constantly buy pads and refill them with liquid, and a good old mop is cheaper and does the same thing. However, Swiffers have a few unusual uses that a mop cannot replicate; so if you already have it, here are some ways to get more out of it.

Prepare walls for painting

Before painting, sand the walls to remove dust from them – dust and dirt can cause the paint to stick, so use wet and dry rags, then allow the walls to dry completely before applying a coat.

Battle with cobwebs and spiders

Dusty cobwebs and cobwebs hide in the highest corners of your home. But don’t knock them down with a broom and then clear them off the floor – instead, use a dry Swiffer pad to pick them up. The web will stick right to it.

Attack on humidity in the bathroom

Mold, mildew, and water stains are common in bathrooms and can be gotten rid of , but for ceilings, Swiffer should be used. Where you would normally use a rag soaked in dish soap and warm water to remove stains, use a dry Swiffer sponge soaked in the same mixture, then attach it to the handle and press it against the ceiling.

Get rid of lint in the laundry

Hunker also recommends picking up lint lurking around the drum and vents of your washer and using Swiffer Dry Wipes to give the inside of the machine a thorough wipe every few weeks. Dry rags attract lint, which is very important: lint buildup can lead to a fire. Good Housekeeping even recommends using a Swiffer sheet to clean the inside of a lint trap.

Moving package

When you move, use Swiffer Dry Wipes to pack valuable and fragile items like crockery. They are soft enough that these things don’t bump into each other, plus you can use them to wipe down the shelves and floor when you get to your new place.

Wipe the plants

Plants need to be wiped from time to time; instead of using a cloth for this, you should use a Swiffer pad that attracts and holds dust instead of knocking it to the floor where you’ll still be using the Swiffer to collect it.


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