You Can Get Free McDonald’s for Life

With inflation at 7.7% in October and rising food prices in both grocery stores and restaurants , the prospect of free food sounds more enticing every day. Especially when it comes to guaranteed free food “for life”. Even if we’re talking about McDonald’s. And that’s exactly what McDonald’s offers to owners of their elusive McGold card .

I’ll leave the discussion of whether it’s advisable to eat regularly at McDonald’s to those who have more time and who hate joy. (Of course , you can eat “unhealthy” food and still be healthy .) I’m here to tell you how you can appreciate it.

How to get a McGold card?

The McGold card is not new . It has been around for many years, but until now it has never been available. The official program is called McDonald’s For Life Appstake [sic], a competition held at an official McDonald’s from December 5th to 25th. To be eligible, you must first enroll in the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program with a valid email address, free to do so.

An in-app purchase will give you access to (sigh) McGold card apps. To enter without buying (why would you win McDonald’s if you don’t want to eat McDonald’s?), you can fill out the form . You can enter once a day for the duration of the promotion.

What does the McGold card give me?

According to official rules , the McGold Card is valid for two meals a day for 50 years. There is no restriction in the fine print on what exactly defines “food,” but it states that the total annual cost of the card is $1,040 per year for 50 years. If you don’t plan to live that long, you can opt for the $1,040 yearly card and the $50,960 cash prize instead. You’ll also get the chance to gift equivalent McGold cards to up to three of your friends so they can enjoy the rewards with you. On a nice touch, the winner will also receive a check for $22,285 to “help offset taxes on the Prize.” Unfortunately for your lucky friends, they won’t get that kind of tax relief.

Chances of winning

One winner will be announced each week during the three-week draw. Your chances of winning depend on the number of people who showed up during a given week, but it’s safe to assume they’re low (remember all those “billions and billions served”?). If you win, you will be notified via email and push notification from the McDonald’s app. Good luck – in the worst case, you ate McDonald’s and didn’t win. (Or filled out a no-buy record, weirdo.)


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