The Best Way to Pack for a Long Trip

Whether you’re taking an extended vacation away from the cold winter temperatures or your employer is sending you on an extended trip abroad, you need to pack up and do it wisely. Living out of a suitcase seems fun for a while, but it can get boring quickly. I once did this for four weeks and was miserable by the time I was about half way through. Learn from me: these tips will make your experience better than mine.

Choose three pairs of shoes and only three pairs

I am a shoemaker. My apartment is full of shoes. They are my passion, but this passion used to lead to back pain when every time I went somewhere, I dragged hand luggage full of heels around the airport, not to mention checked baggage fees that hurt my wallet and my heart. . Pragmatically, I started sticking to the three-shoe-on-every-trip rule that Travel Fashion Girl also recommends.

Think about where you will go while traveling. If you’re going to a resort or the beach, you’ll need sandals, comfortable walking shoes, and one pair of dressy shoes for dinner. Business conference? Shoes, heels and sneakers. Visit family for the holidays? Sneakers, boots and shoes. You don’t need more than three pairs of shoes for a trip, no matter how much you want to flex, unless you’re actually going to places that require very specific shoes. If so, ignore it, but focus even more on other tips.

Use plastic bags for everything

When I travel, I plan each piece of clothing ahead of time and try to store them separately from each other using plastic bags or reusable bags. A bag of ready-made clothes saves you time and nerves in a hotel room. If you don’t have enough bags to hide every single outfit, at least make sure you have enough shoe bags to keep your dirty pants from touching the rest of your stuff. Keep a couple of extra bags in your suitcase for dirty and wet clothes.

Focus on the basics

Gather basics and builds so you don’t have to think about how to dress when you’re away from your wardrobe. You need black trousers, jeans, plain tops and a pair of nondescript shoes.

Before you get to your destination, look for the nearest laundry or otherwise make sure you have somewhere to wash your clothes so you don’t have to pack too much. If all else fails, check out the process of hand washing clothes in the tub . I did this on a trip a few weeks ago and saved a significant amount of money, suitcase space, and time, but keep in mind that this works best when you’re traveling somewhere warm enough to air dry your clothes.

Check the weather carefully

The weather can be unpredictable, but there is no excuse for not being as prepared as possible before reaching your destination. This will only make it harder for you to buy a raincoat when you’re away, knowing the hell you already have one at home.

Consider taking weather-appropriate clothing that you don’t really need with you on your trip, wearing it one last time while you’re away, and then donating it on the spot before you catch your flight from there to save space for things on the way home and for free. place in a closet in your home.


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