Your Christmas Decorations Don’t Need Electricity

This is the season to dig up the decorations and trim the tree, as well as any other parts of your home that you think need a holiday cheer. But if rising energy costs make you hesitant to hook up a few strings of lights, an inflatable snowman, or a blow-out den, you may have rethought your design strategy.

Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate your halls for the holidays without adding to your electricity bill. Here’s what you need to know.

Christmas decorations that do not require electricity

Sure, going out and buying all the new holiday decorations isn’t the most economical solution, but if you’ve decorated in previous years, you should be working on at least a few things already. Here are some options:

Wooden cutouts

If you inherited vintage outdoor Christmas decorations from your parents or family member, it could be wooden figurines of various holiday and winter characters – Santa, reindeer, snowmen, carol singers and other usual suspects. They usually have a stake at the bottom that can be driven into a lawn or other unpaved area.

Wreaths and garlands

Who doesn’t love a holiday wreath or an evergreen garland? Whether yours is fresh or artificial, they don’t need electricity to add holiday cheer inside or outside your home. If the wreath or garland you already have has a string of lights woven into it, you can still hang it without turning it on.

Solar-powered decorations and lanterns

Need a way to light up your outdoor decor? Choose solar-powered floodlights, which can be found in most hardware and large stores, as well as online stores. In addition, you can use them for other purposes all year round.

In addition, more solar-powered glowing Christmas decorations are now available than in previous years. If you’re interested, you can always buy and try a few this year, and if you like them, stock up for next year when they go on sale after Christmas.


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