6 Best Videos to Help You Understand This Housing Market

With the current national mortgage rate at 7% and all the cascading effects of brutally high inflation , every day there is a hot new look at the state of the housing market. A quick search on YouTube reveals many clickbait headlines such as “The TRUTH about the 2023 housing crash” and “What’s coming is WORSE THAN YOU THINK!!!” and all other kinds of good journalism along the same lines.

This year, the housing market has been characterized by ominous signs of a crisis similar to that of 2008. Most of us are not experts and worryingly wonder: why are houses so expensive now? Has the market already collapsed? Are we in for a crash of 2008 levels?

Instead of spending a few hours watching The Big Short , I decided to spend a few hours in the YouTube rabbit hole and now I want to take you with me. Here is an overview of some of the more helpful explainer videos on the topic so you can get a crash course on all things housing market.


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