6 Best Videos to Help You Really Understand Early Retirement

The promise of early retirement is so enticing that any YouTuber who claims they’ve achieved it is going to draw me in. If you are at all interested in the prospect of early retirement, we highly recommend that you read the basics of FIRE (Financial Independence, Early Retirement) first. In short, the FIRE movement is all about taking advantage of compound interest from investing in your early 20s. Naturally, the movement has some critics, mostly stating that FIRE is promoting unrealistic wealth projections for anyone who does not already have substantial wealth.

To be honest, after watching all these early retirement videos, I would call myself a FIRE critic. The ability to set a significant distance between your income and your expenses is too much of a privilege to be truly meaningful. I bet more Americans are too worried about retirement to even imagine retiring early .

However, I’ve gone down this YouTube personal finance rabbit hole and I want to take you with me. Maybe where I found skepticism you will find inspiration. Here is an overview of some of the more helpful explainer videos on the topic so you can get a crash course on all things early retirement.


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