How to Pre-Order PS VR2

I love PSVR . The exclusives are great, as is the ability to play PlayStation games on a giant floating virtual screen. But I admit that hardware cannot compete in the VR space of 2022. Contrary to Meta and HTC technology, now is the perfect time to launch PlayStation VR 2. And while we won’t see it until early next year, we can start defending our seat right now (if we’re chosen).

What’s new in PS VR2?

Sony’s PS VR2 is a significant upgrade from the original PlayStation VR . The new headset increases the resolution from 960 x 1080 to 2000 x 2040 (4K), supports HDR and increases the field of view from 100˚ to 110˚. It also supports eye tracking for realistic eye movements and Tempest 3D audio. Its inside-out tracking system eliminates the need for a camera, which should make setup a lot easier.

Of course, an even bigger update concerns the controllers. While PS VR used the 2010 PlayStation Move controllers, the PS VR2 controllers are designed for virtual reality, combining finger-touch detection, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and joysticks (thank god) in a design familiar to anyone who has used modern virtual reality system.

Although it won’t be cheap. The system starts at $550 and requires a PS5 to use. All in all, that’s $950 or $1,050 to enjoy Sony’s latest VR offerings. There’s no doubt that the PS VR2 is a worthy upgrade from the original, but it’s also expensive. As someone who doesn’t have a PS5 yet, the PS VR2 entry price is a little intimidating. At the very least, you can queue up for pre-orders for free.

How to pre-order PS VR2

Currently, only Sony is accepting pre-orders for the PS VR2, so you won’t be able to pick it up in a retail store. In addition, pre-orders are only available to those who register with Sony. You can’t go to the PlayStation Store website and expect to pre-order the system, so if you’re interested, sign up as soon as possible.

To pre-order PS VR2, go to the official PlayStation VR2 website here and click “Sign Up to Pre-Order”. Log in to your PSN account (I had to solve a CAPTCHA to continue), then click Sign Up Now. After registration, you just have to wait. If you are selected, you will receive an email from PlayStation with instructions to pre-order PS VR2.


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