How to Find Discord Servers You Really Like

You may be looking for a new social media platform and Discord might be your best bet. Discord is a community-focused platform that offers servers where you can find thousands of like-minded people to interact with or just conversations that you can scroll through. But which servers should you join?

Start with your friends

Some of your friends are probably already on Discord. They may even have their own servers. Start by asking your friends about their favorite servers and if they can invite you. The last time I did this, I found a whole community of F1 like-minded people streaming races, and my Sunday nights have never been better.

Look for Discord Links on Social Media

If there is a community or page online, chances are they have a Discord server. They’re usually easiest to find on Reddit, as the communities link to their Discord servers in the description – and they’re usually pretty good (r/Apple Discord server is a good example). Also check out bio links on Instagram and Twitter. And if you don’t see a public link, ask them in the DM if they have a Discord server you can join.

Use Discord Directories

You can try Discord’s own discovery tool. Click the compass icon at the bottom of the sidebar. Their featured collection isn’t that great, but the search tool is good. Find what interests you or what you want to learn. For example, a search for “mechanical keyboards” returns 79 different servers.

If you want to discover something completely different, you can use a third party Discord server directory like Disboard , which does a great job of categorizing and tagging communities. This will help you find promising communities in various sections such as games, music, and more. And, of course, there’s a search feature to help you narrow down servers with specific interests, such as woodworking or ceramics.

For game and anime lovers, Discord.Me is an even better option. Although they have a diverse collection of servers, they are really focused on games and anime (which will become apparent if you spend more than five seconds on the page). You can read the detailed descriptions if you like, or you can click the Join Now button to directly open the community in the Discord app.


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