How to Claim Part of the Smashburger False Advertising Compensation

When it comes to fast food and fast casual burger chains, there are plenty of options. So, to help convince consumers that their burgers are the best, these chains run advertising and marketing campaigns that feature new and limited-time deals, as well as claims about the quality and size of their food.

Smashburger took this approach, but according to a group of disgruntled customers who filed a class-action lawsuit against the restaurant in 2019, they inaccurately represented their burgers when promoting them. Result? Smashburger agreed to a settlement , and if you ate at the restaurant, you can claim some of that money. Here’s what you need to know.

What did Smashburger do?

The story begins in 2017, when, according to a 2019 complaint filed against the chain , Tom Ryan, CEO of Smashburger, spearheaded a marketing campaign promoting Triple Double cheeseburgers as having “triple the cheese and double the beef in every bite.” “.

However, the class-action plaintiffs (i.e. the client group) allege that Ryan’s claim about Triple Double was incorrect. Specifically, since the burger was made from two half-sized patties, the total beef weight was the same as one of Smashburger’s regular-sized burgers.

In court documents, Smashburger denied any wrongdoing [and did not respond to CNET’s request for comment on a post the site made about the case] but agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement in September.

Who is entitled to part of the compensation?

If you live in the US and purchased any of the following burgers from Smashburger between July 1, 2017 and May 31, 2019, you are eligible to file a claim:

  • Smashburger triple double
  • French bow triple double
  • Triple Double Room with Bacon
  • Pub Triple Double Hamburger

And don’t worry if you don’t have five-year-old receipts: proof of purchase is not required.

What payments can customers receive?

So what kind of money are we talking about? Well, it depends on what you choose: cash or voucher as payment – you can’t get both . Here are the options:

  • Cash : $4 cash for each sandwich (listed above), up to $20 cash per household.
  • Voucher : Up to 10 food vouchers per household, redeemable when purchasing a main course at Smashburger at regular price for: (a) Upgrading from a single beef hamburger to a double beef burger at no additional cost (retail value approximately $2.50 ). ); or (b) Complimentary small drink from the fountain (retail value approximately $3).

How to sue part of the Smashburger settlement

If, based on the information above, you believe you are eligible to receive part of the compensation, you must file a claim form either online (via this dedicated claims website ) or by mail. To mail it in, call 1-833-644-1593 and request a copy of the form, then mail it to:

Smashburger Settlementc/o Kroll Settlement AdministrationPO Box 5324New York, NY10150-5324

The deadline for filing an electronic claim is January 17, 2023. All mailed forms must also be postmarked by this date.

Technically, there is one final hearing where the court will have to approve the settlement, which is scheduled for January 30, 2023, and if it happens, any compensation will be mailed within 45 days.


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