According to TikTok, There Is a Better Way to Peel an Orange

Oranges are a pain in the ass. First, they are wildly contradictory. Sometimes they are heaven. In other cases, it is a tasteless porridge. Of course, even in order to figure it out, you need to clear them – a term that really underestimates the fight. The traditional orange holds on to the peel all its life. Soccer kids love this orange wedge thing: no peeling, instant fruit.

Sure, clementines are easier to peel, but they still irritate AF. You will end up with bits of peel everywhere, including under your nails. It’s impossible to eat these things without making yourself at least a little orange, and I don’t feel like rubbing my hands like I’m getting ready for surgery every time I eat a little snack.

However, there is a better way to peel an orange—one that doesn’t involve rolling the fruit across the table or desperately digging into the tough skin with your fingernails.

The best way to peel an orange

This TikTok changed everything for me . In it, TikTok user kevglbach splices together videos from lolwutalan that both show the best way to “peel” an orange. First, cut the orange in half, then take one of those halves and turn it inside out. When you press the back of an orange, the fruit blossoms and is easy to pick and eat. Boom: Instant snack.

Now these TikTok’s seem to be demonstrating the method using clementine or tangerine. I would be curious to see if this would be effective with a large orange. One TikTok commenter says it doesn’t work well with “hard fresh oranges”, which seems to rule it out. But I’m wondering if it would work with larger oranges that were softer. If so, I may need to start adding more oranges to my daily diet.

Of course, this method won’t do anything about fickle taste, but that’s a hack for another time.


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