Use These Cost-Effective DIY Cleaning Alternatives

It takes time and effort to keep a house clean, not to mention the cost. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements for products that claim to be the best on the market, and busy and desperate, we may well buy them in the hope of a time-saving solution to our cleaning problems. But for the most part, you can replace your commercial cleaners with cheaper substitutes without sacrificing quality. Here are some options.

magic erasers

“I just want to say that magic erasers are overpriced,” says one Reddit user on r/CleaningTips. “It’s just melamine foam and you can buy a pack of 100 for about $30 on Amazon.” It’s true: melamine foam is the active ingredient in Mr. Clean Magic Erasers trusted by many cleaning enthusiasts.

You may not have room to store 160 sheets of melamine eraser ( $32.89 at ), but there are plenty of smarter wholesale purchases that will save you money compared to branded magic erasers—and, frankly, these quite a few things. , However.


As a cute relative in a romantic comedy , I have a nasty habit of using Windex to wipe down any surfaces in my house. You don’t have to be like me, but if you’re someone who wants special cleaning products for everything you own, you can cut back on your big-name brand purchases.

As we mentioned earlier , you can clean windows very well using a few drops of dishwashing detergent in a bucket of water, or ten parts water mixed with one part white vinegar. The secret to streak-free shine is not to pay big money for a well-known brand, but to dry windows and mirrors well after wiping them. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the homemade grout and make sure you buff it well afterwards.

Mops and floor cleaners

A few years ago, we recommended buying wholesale socks instead of expensive pads for the Swiffer Wetjet, and we stick to that advice. But why stop there? Just because you have a trendy branded product doesn’t mean you have to keep paying whatever price the company asks for it to work, so build your own Swiffer solution as well. Hearthook Home recommends refilling an empty Wetjet bottle with equal parts water and distilled vinegar, then adding a few drops of dish soap. Shake it all to mix and put the bottle back into the machine. This DIY method is also more sustainable than throwing away an old plastic bottle every time you run out of cleaner.

Don’t buy a trendy parquet cleaner. Instead, just use black tea. ( This will also hide scratches .)

Universal cleaner

Vinegar is an invaluable home cleaning agent. You can really use it to clean up so much . And it’s the main ingredient needed to replace your existing all-purpose cleaner . Mix one cup of distilled water, one cup of white vinegar, and 15 or so drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle, Live Simply advises, and you’re good to go. (If you have something against vinegar, make a solution of two cups of distilled water, two tablespoons of liquid castile soap, and your essential oil.

You can also use castile soap and baking soda to make a “light” oven cleaner. Blend them together in equal amounts until they form a paste, then use a sponge to apply it to the inside of the oven. Wait half an hour, then wipe with a damp cloth, sprinkle everything with vinegar and wipe dry.

Toilet cleaner

Yes, you can clean the toilet with store-bought products (as long as you don’t use too many at once), but you can also use products you probably already have and get just as good results. Mouthwash and alka seltzer are a good combination, and again, vinegar will serve you well when mixed with baking soda, borax, or salt. Here are instructions on how to make any toilet bowl cleaning alternative you choose.

washing powder

Vinegar can also help you clean your laundry , but it’s hardly the only homemade detergent option. According to Spruce , you can combine two cups of borax, two cups of washing soda, and one cup of soap flakes for a more economical alternative to liquids. If you’re worried about keeping your clothes smelling good in the absence of your favorite chemical cleaner, there’s an alternative for that too .


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