How You Store Cups and Glasses (Almost) Doesn’t Matter, Really.

You have just washed the glasses and are putting them away in the closet. How do you put them – upside down or right side up? Although this is the subject of much debate, there are a number of simple questions that will help you find the right answer. (And yes, you have to ask, because the only universal answer is it depends .)

Are these glasses fancy or thin?

If you have wine glasses, champagne flutes, heirlooms, or anything else with thin rims, store them right side up. Will they get dusty inside? Yes, they can, but that’s the least of your worries. The danger of storing them upside down is that you can chip the discs. Store them right side up and rinse before use if they’ve been in the closet since your last fancy party.

(If that’s a concern for you, you can always get one of those wine glass holders that lets you hang them upside down. But they’ll still collect dust on the outside.)

The following questions are about glasses that are not fashionable or fragile.

Do you sometimes clean them wet?

Look, my dishwasher isn’t ideal for drying dishes (with or without a towel ), and I can’t promise that my hand wash will be much better. If there is some moisture inside the glass, I’m not going to waste time drying each one; I ‘m cleaning the dishes now, moisture be damned.

In this case, it makes sense to store them upside down so that by the time the glasses are used, the water has time to flow out.

Are they kept outdoors?

If your glasses are in an open area, such as an open shelf or bar cart, it’s best to turn them upside down. There is a lot more dust floating around outside, plus you never know when something will splatter towards your plates.

Are they kept in a closet?

Here’s the real shock: if your glasses live in a closet and their frames are strong enough to store upside down, it doesn’t fucking matter . Perhaps storing them upside down increases the chance of dust or crumbs getting on the rim. Well, if that’s your problem, clean your damn closets sometimes, you animal! Or, at the very least, grab one of those drawer liners (which can also help soften the edge).

In the other corner, we have the argument that keeping them right side up allows dust to fall on the glass. Again, this shouldn’t be a problem: they’re in a cabinet whose entire purpose is to keep dust and splashes out. Yes, some dust can get inside over time , especially if you open the cupboard frequently, but refer to the earlier advice that if you’re going to be using a certain glass for a long time, it’s worth taking a look inside and a quick rinse before using the glass. With normal everyday use, this will not be a problem.

And if disagreements arise between the household, can I suggest a rule that my husband and I use? The one who cares more gets everything in his own way. No one is going to poison himself with five grains of dust falling on the rim or in the cavity of the glass. You will survive. Promise.


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