This Tomato Creme Brulee Is the Perfect Fall Treat.

Creme Brulee Whore will be the title of my biography. The fact is that even not very tasty creme brulee turns out to be quite tasty. It’s hard to screw up when you mix cream and sugar. I order it when I leave the house because I’ve lived my life with the delusion that it’s hard to make it at home, but it’s also quite plausible that my brain created the story so I don’t stay at home gorging myself on creme brulee and old. TV show. But last month, when my kitchen counters couldn’t be reached until I had peeled the tomatoes, I had an idea: tomato creme brulee.

Creme brulee is a custard that you sprinkle with sugar and then melt (fire) that sugar to form a crust. What’s left is a glass sugar surface that you break with a spoon and underneath? Silky smooth custard.

There are several ways to make custard and I have tried three popular recipes with similar results. The easiest one was from Sally , so I would use that later, but you can take any recipe and change it for tomatoes.

The key to making a tomato work is to really strain it. You want it to be as smooth as possible. Start with a pound of ripe tomatoes, chop them up and mix them together. We are looking for Vitamix mixing levels. Pass it through a sieve as well as you have. Now reduce the tomatoes over low heat until they are reduced in volume by half.

Make the recipe using the recipe above, but mix the tomatoes and heavy cream together before you even start the recipe. After you mix them, strain again before you start making the cream.

The resulting creme brulee will have a delicious pink color, creamy texture, but with a slight hint of tomato sourness and a light vanilla flavor. It will keep in the fridge without the sugar crust for a few days, so you can stretch your brulee out for a week. The combination of vanilla, cream, tomatoes and sugar is too rich for summer, but just right for falling into autumn.


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