Forget Olivia Wilde, What’s in Your “special Salad Dressing”?

Yesterday, the Daily Mail published an “exclusive” report on the “inside story” of the breakup between Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis, filled with text messages and anecdotes from their anonymous ex-nanny . The whole thing is very messy and sad, and while the couple denounce these “false and obscene accusations,” the internet seems to care less about the ominous details and more about the content of Wilde’s ” special salad dressing ” that she allegedly made. and served to Harry Styles, much to the annoyance of Sudekis.

Relationships, whether monogamous or not, are complex. Being betrayed by a loved one is a terrible feeling, and there are so many ways to be betrayed. Unauthorized sexual activity is the most common, but smaller, seemingly mundane activities such as preparing and sharing “special salad dressing” can also betray. Cooking for someone can be quite an intimate affair, and it’s hard to watch meals that were once made for you with love shared with someone else.

At first, I was also very interested in Wilde’s salad dressing, but I suspect it was a vinaigrette with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, mashed garlic, honey, and Dijon. Wilde hasn’t given up on dressing yet, but some internet sleuths found the recipe she shared with the Food Network , and – if it’s actually the recipe – my guess was pretty close! (Wilde insists on red wine vinegar rather than apple cider—my only mistake.)

Regardless of her exact recipe, I love the idea that everyone has a “special salad dressing”. (I have several, but they all follow this pattern .) If you make salads at all, you probably have one too, and I’d love to hear about it. Most homemade dressings are vinaigrettes, but I bet some of you have an incredible homemade ranch, or perhaps a saucy French, green goddess, secret ingredient caesar, or bold blue cheese. I want to hear them all – as many as you have – with or without the salad recipe. I’ll share the best ones in a review so everyone can benefit (even Harry Styles if he wants to get involved).


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