10 Dangerous Things You Can Successfully Run Away From

The world is so full of dangers that we can’t run away from – tornadoes, bears, bullets – that you might ask, “Why did I even buy these expensive sneakers?” But do not lose hope: in most dangerous situations, running is not an option, but there are a few things that we can successfully escape on foot.

slow loris

The slow loris is an adorable primate from Asia, but don’t let its wide-eyed, Gizmo Gremlins snout fool you: they’re nasty creatures. The bite of a slow loris is toxic if they so desire. Lori venom is delivered through poison glands in their armpits. If a slow loris is angry with another slow loris, it will lick its armpit venom glands and deliver a bite with a dose of venom. The venom is of a carnivorous type, which is why some slow lorises walk with semi-melted snouts. (Nature is so damn disgusting.) Don’t worry too much about slow lorises: they don’t usually attack people, preferring to hide in trees and almost die out, but if you managed to piss off the slow loris (and I think you could), you could easily overtake him. The name is no joke: they move at a speed of 1.18 miles per hour, slower than my grandmother walks.


There are many natural disasters we can’t run from – hurricanes, floods, meteorites, tornadoes – but you can at least beat the flowing lava on the run; anyway, most of the time. The fastest lava flow ever officially recorded was only six miles per hour, slow jog or brisk walk. Most lava flows are even slower, so you can just walk away from them and not break a sweat (other than sweat from the proximity of molten rock, of course). But there is one catch.

Lava flows slowly because it is a rapidly solidifying liquid, but if the lava flows through a lava tube or channel that keeps it hot and the surface is steep, it can flow very, very fast—up to 35 miles per hour. . Nobody can outrun it.

Every animal on earth

It’s useless in every survival situation I can think of, but humans are the fastest land animals on earth, faster than horses, cheetahs and bears if the distance is long enough. Humans can run for hours without stopping, while other animals have to take breaks more frequently. So as long as your animal enemy is interested in a fair athletic finish instead of chasing you to maul and eat you, you’ll get it.

The intruder leads you to a second place

If you are ever attacked and the assailant says he is taking you somewhere else, run forward, yell, fight, rip out or deliberately crash the car. Do whatever you want because they will probably kill you if they take you to a new location.

This is a common, oft-repeated view of random attacks. This was apparently the idea of ​​crime expert Sanford Strong, who gave advice on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1991 . This apparently caught on, partly because it goes against the old conventional wisdom, which was more like “do whatever the attacker says.” I’m not entirely sure that this is definitely the best way to survive any encounter like this because I don’t think there are enough cases to draw a firm conclusion, but in the end it’s probably better to try something. than wait for your fate.


Most ants are just annoying, but there are also nasty ones . A bite or sting from the most dangerous ant species, the bulldog ant, is enough to kill an adult human in minutes. Fortunately, this is rare. Since 1936, only three deaths have been attributed to this invasive insect species. But even though you probably won’t die from an ant attack, they can be extremely painful. Fortunately, you can successfully escape from the ant.

The fastest ant, the Sahara silver ant, only moves at about 2 miles per hour, so you’re faster than any ant on the planet! However, if an ant were as big as a human, it would be moving at 400 miles per hour, so don’t worry about that.

However, running usually does not help. Ant stings happen because you don’t realize the ants are sneaking up on you until it’s too late. Don’t let that stop you from disturbing the mountain of attacking ants and running away. This is a great prank on them.


The fastest spider, the giant house spider, travels at 1.2 miles per hour. It’s pretty slow until you really think about a spider hurtling across the floor towards you at that speed. However, a mostly mobile person can outrun a giant house spider and any other spider without too much trouble. Spiders tend to be sprinters too and need to take frequent breaks when moving at top speed.

The problem with spiders is that they don’t usually race. They are sneaky and small, and they will get to you while you sleep or hide in the corner of the barn, waiting for your tasty finger to appear.

Toxic relationship

I know it sounds like you’re trapped in your loveless marriage or your loveless 3 week relationship, but it’s not! You can run away and free yourself through physical distance. Just don’t reply to messages or emails and you’ll be fine most of the time.

Whether or not you can physically outrun your relationship partner obviously depends on the person, but as the leaving party, you get the advantage so that you can cross the state line before they know you’ve left.


You should never run from the police, because we live in a country of laws, and you are an honest citizen who has done nothing wrong, but hypothetically you could , and there is a chance that you will leave.

Obviously this is a matter of personal preference, but some cops are horribly out of shape and have heavy equipment, so a healthy person can beat a plump cop on the run.

Punishments vary from place to place, but evading the police on foot (don’t try it in a car!) is often considered a misdemeanor, so depending on the crime you’ve committed, a hoof bet may be a good bet. It. If you are guilty of something serious, what will the additional offense mean? But remember: the police have guns, and you can’t run away from a bullet. So don’t run from the cops.


I’m exaggerating the definition of “run away” here, but you can at least outlive your creditors. Most debts “fall off” your credit score in seven years, and the statute of limitations for debt collection through the courts also ends over time, usually between three and six years. The exact time it takes you to dodge creditors depends on the type of debt and where you live, but it’s at least an option, and sometimes the right choice. Also, sometimes it’s the only choice you have if you’re broke because Capitalism is heartless. (I know it’s morally the right choice to pay back the money you owe, but strategic defaults are used by people who are constantly lending money, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much.)

Waiting for your creditors will probably only work if the amount you owe is small enough that it’s not worth suing you. You don’t want this because they can charge you wages or take your assets.

Typically, the clock starts ticking when the debt goes to collection, so keep an eye on that date if you’re on the slacker path. Then look up your state laws to see how long you have to do this nonsense. When a collection agency calls (and they will repeatedly), do not pick up the phone. If you accidentally do this, do not admit that the debt is yours. Don’t promise to return it, set up a plan, or make a small payment at any point during the collection window. All these actions can restart the watch. Do not be afraid of legal threats if you are sure that you should not sue. And don’t be surprised if creditors call your friends and family and ask them to tell you to pay off your debts.

If you have successfully waited for your creditors, be aware that they may still try to collect the debt. They just can’t harass you or threaten you with legal action. Once the debt gets old, they usually don’t have the power to do anything but annoy.

your friend

When it comes to animal attacks, often you don’t have to run away from an animal to avoid being eaten; you just need to overtake your friend.


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