Here’s How Effective These Teeth Whitening Products Are

Everyone wants whiter teeth, to the point where TikTok is full of fake home whitening recipes , and there are even gummies that boast (extremely minimal) teeth whitening benefits. But let’s say you skipped all that and went for professional teeth whitening or used a home remedy that looks legit. How long will your teeth stay white?

The effectiveness of any teeth whitening product will depend on how stained your teeth are and what stains you have. External stains are coffee and cigarette stains; they are easier to remove than internal stains, which can be the result of aging, medication, or medical problems. You can often prolong the whitening effect by avoiding external staining – for example, by drinking iced coffee through a straw instead of regular hot coffee from a mug.

Professional whitening

If you have a dental whitening procedure (often referred to as chair whitening), the effect can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, with many dentists saying a year is typical. There are many whitening treatments available, so ask your dentist what he plans to use and how long the effect usually lasts. There may also be care instructions, such as avoiding wine and coffee for the first few days after bleaching, which can help prolong the treatment.

Mouthguards for home whitening

The whitening trays you get from your dentist need to be used for several weeks before you see results, but these results often last for six months or more.

The exact duration of their action depends on what treatment you are receiving and where you get it. Dentist mouthguards are fitted to your mouth and you fill them with gel the dentist gives you. There are also custom mouthguards that you can buy yourself and fill with gel.

Some whitening systems recommend using them on a regular basis, such as once a month. Others recommend repeating the procedure every six months or every year.

Whitening strips

The effect of teeth whitening strips does not last as long as professional treatment, but most advertise that their effect lasts six months. Crest Whitestrips, for example, promise “6+ months” after you use them once a day for 20 days. (They note that some people may need to go through two packs, or 40 days of treatment, to see results.)

Whitening pens

Teeth whitening pens are less effective than the other products we have mentioned. Their appeal is that they apply quickly and conveniently and can make your teeth whiter in the short term. (Colgate, for example, recommends using a whitening pen for retouching before special events.) However, unlike strips, baths or office procedures, the effect is short-lived . If you want whiter teeth without having to constantly use a pen, you should choose a different type of treatment.


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