How to Fix a Stuck PS5 Disc

If you’ve spent an extra $100 on a PS5 with a disc, you don’t want a stuck CD turning it into an overpriced digital model. But when disaster strikes, like when a child stuffs a mini-disc into your PlayStation , it’s not clear how to get the disc out. Luckily, there are several ways to clear this hurdle and free up your PS5’s drive again. It’s just that one is easier than the other.

We’ve covered similar steps in the past to fix PS4 not reading discs , which can involve up to five different methods to try before fixing the problem. Luckily, a simple stuck drive doesn’t require much troubleshooting: the problem lies with the drive, and it’s actually pretty easy to manually remove the obstruction from the drive when something gets stuck. Sony has included a sort of label in the drive to help peel off the disc, but this is not a guaranteed solution. If that doesn’t work, you can try a slightly more complicated method where you actually open the drive itself.

The ‘Easy’ Way to Remove Stuck Disc from PS5

This is the method you should try first if you can. It’s less complicated and relatively fast. As shown in this excellent What Happens When video , you first need to unplug your PS5 completely from the power source. Do not attempt to perform any activity on your PS5 while it is online. You will then need to remove the bottom panel if you haven’t already, after which you can quickly remove the bottom case. Now all you have to do is use a screwdriver to turn the screw covered with the black sticker clockwise, which will manually pry out whatever is inside the drive.

If it works as well as the What Happens When video, you’ll be home free in a few minutes .

How to manually remove a stuck disc from PS5

The “hard” way to fix a stuck PS5 drive

The more difficult path is likely to solve the problem for everyone, but it is much more difficult. Based on the CD247 repair center ‘s eight-minute step-by-step guide, you start with the same idea as the easy method, but instead of manually moving the drive with a screwdriver, you need to remove the PS5’s inner case, piece by piece. a piece. Note. This method violates your warranty as you need to remove the security seal inside your PlayStation. If you want to keep your warranty, stop here and take your PS5 in for an official repair.

But let’s say you want to move forward. As you continue to remove parts, keep track of which screws go where. Store similar screws, such as those for a fan, together and away from other screws. This process can be simple, albeit tedious, but it can turn into a big headache if you mix up different screws.

PS5 Disc Stuck in Drive and Won’t Eject – How to Fix Blu-Ray Drive Problems

The end goal here is to completely remove the drive. You’ll open it, of course, by removing a lot of screws along the way, but instead, you’ll need to unplug two wires from the board. Then carefully lift the still attached cover to unscrew the remaining barrier between you and the jammed drive.

You can remove the drive from here, then go back and close everything back. CD247, however, recommends that you make sure the CD rollers (the mechanism that rolls your CDs in and out of the PS5) can bounce easily. Plus, you can give them a quick WD40 wipe and make sure everything inside that case is clean and free of dust. Just be careful with the laser reader as if it is damaged it will not be able to read your discs.


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