Canva Presentation Labels You Don’t Know but Should

Making a presentation can be hard, but it’s even harder to be interesting, informative, and fun when you’re presenting. You can turn to PowerPoint or Google Slides, but you should also consider Canva , which has been pushing new team features lately. Of course, never switch to new software if you’re in a hurry , but if you have a little time to fiddle around with a new program, you should test these commands to see if they’re right for the style of presentation you’re hoping to give.

Using Canva Command Shortcuts

Canva is a pretty easy to use graphic design program and you can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up the whole process. Here are the main ones:

  • L adds a line
  • R adds a rectangle
  • C adds a circle
  • T adds a text field
  • Shift-Command-L aligns text to the left
  • Shift-Command-C right-aligns text
  • Shift-Command-H will anchor your text to the top of the text box.
  • Shift-Command-B will bind it to the bottom
  • Shift-Command-M will snap it to the middle
  • Shift-Command-+ will increase the font size by one point
  • Shift-Command – decrease (this is a minus)

The other commands are the ones you are probably already familiar with. For example, Command-A selects all of your items, while Command-Z undoes a recent action, and pressing the + or key zooms in and out. You can move elements by selecting them and then clicking the arrow. If you hold down the Shift key, the element will move in large increments.

More advanced Canva commands

If you want to move an element forward, select it and press Command-] . Moving backward is similar, but you’re pressing Command-[ . To send it fully to the front or fully back, press Option and Command plus the appropriate [ or ] . Group the elements by selecting them and pressing Command-G , and ungroup them with Shift-Command-G . You can also move multiple items at the same time without grouping them by selecting one, holding down the Shift key, and selecting the rest.

Using labels for Canva presentations

These commands work across all Canva apps and you won’t have a hard time learning them as they pretty much match the commands you’re probably already used to. However, some commands are only for the presentation function of the program, and some are quite funny. Try the following after starting the presentation:

  • The spacebar will play or pause your video
  • Q will “shhh” your audience
  • D will play the drumroll sound effect
  • C will cause an explosion of confetti on the screen
  • O does the same but with bubbles
  • B will blur the presentation

The company’s website has an infographic in case you find it hard to remember. They also use social media to highlight more interesting commands like confetti. Check out an example here on their TikTok .


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