You Must Make Your Sliding Glass Door More Secure

Sliding glass doors are notorious for being an easy access point for burglars – the latches on these doors are often small and not particularly strong, which can make them a real security issue. But there are some simple and effective ways to make a sliding glass door more secure and burglar-proof.

Use track lock

One way to prevent the door panel on a sliding glass door from opening is to block the rails so the door cannot open. There are many sliding door locks that use a bolt to keep the door from opening by attaching to the door rail. This can be useful if you want to leave the door slightly ajar for air circulation because they can be placed anywhere along the track. The downside to this type of lock is that you need to adjust it to either the height of the floor or the top of the door frame, and they can make locking and unlocking the door more cumbersome.

Use a door bar

Another way to keep the sliding door from opening is to use a door bar , which is attached to the door frame and edge of the sliding door to keep it closed. This method will prevent the door from opening once it is in place. Most door bar kits come with all the hardware needed to install them and can be installed on your own with a screwdriver in a few minutes. The disadvantage of this method, of course, is that there will be a large deadbolt that must be removed and replaced each time you want to lock or unlock the door.

Use protective film

To prevent a would-be burglar from simply breaking the glass to get inside, consider screen protector . The protective film is a self-adhesive film that is attached to the glass of the door and prevents the glass from breaking upon impact. (It also adds a layer of security to your door in case it breaks accidentally .) Safety film also comes in heat-resistant, mirrored, and tinted, in addition to being clear, so it can do double duty. The downside of a screen protector is that it can distort your look a bit, even with a clear variety.

Get the best lock

Improving the quality of the lock on your sliding door is always possible, and most locks can be installed with a drill and screwdriver in a few minutes. A hinge lock is a good choice because it’s stronger than the latches that come with most doors from the factory and works just enough that it’s not awkward to use. The hinge lock screws into the door frame on one side and the edge of the door on the other, and has a bolt that snaps the two sides together to keep the door from moving.

Use an alarm

An alarm can be added to your sliding door to notify you of any activity. Some alarm clocks are simple noise devices that will alert you or your neighbors to an intruder, while others are smart and will communicate with your cell phone or other device. You can also get a glass alarm that will alert you if the glass is hit.


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