The 10 Best Indie Podcasts You’ve Never Heard Of

The discovery tab of your podcast app is very good at letting you listen to one of the big new podcasts backed by a major network – and of course, many of those shows are going to be great – but there are a lot of podcasters creating beautiful content and doing it. ‘ it’s on its own. Writing, designing, producing, hosting, selling ads—creating a show takes a lot of work, and the bar to create a great show is high. But many freelance writers do it with ease, and you deserve to enjoy the results of their efforts. Dive into these 10 indies to find your new favorite capsule. There are shows about conspiracy theories, the diet industry, B-list celebrities, people dying in elevators, male hugs, cannabis, and more. If you want to look like you’re in the know, recommend your pet to a friend.


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