Add Some Pickles to Cheese Chips

I love the combination of cheese and pickles. I’ll eat two foods without the aid of crackers or bread, but I’m also a big fan of the grilled cold sandwich combo. However, marinated cheese chips fall somewhere in between. It’s just cheese and pickles, but the cheese is fried into a crispy cracker-like crust that makes the taste and feel a fully realized bite. The concept comes from my favorite TikToker (and cheese chip innovator ) Kevin Ashton.

In the video above, Ashton tosses several slices of pickled cucumbers onto a flat-topped grill, then tops them with a slice of American cheese. He keeps stacking pickles and cheese with lots of different toppings, but (obviously) it was the pickles that got my attention.

I don’t have a flat top grill, but I’ve recreated pickle treats in my kitchen using a non-stick pan. All you have to do is heat a skillet over medium heat, then pat a few marinade slices on paper towels to remove excess moisture and place them in the skillet. Then sprinkle the pickles with the cheese of your choice. An American will have a nice chewy, melting quality, while something firmer like cheddar will be a bit crunchier.

Cook until the bottom of the chips are brown. The pickles will keep the cheese from making full contact with the pan, so some spots won’t get fully crispy. Enjoy them. The contrasting textures of crunchy cheese with melted cheese are delicious.

Like a pickled cucumber and cheese sandwich, the pickled cucumber and cheese chips are a celebration of sour, savory and very salty. They are fantastic as an appetizer but would be incredible on a burger or sandwich (I think a tuna salad would be especially delicious).


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