Put These Things in the Fridge for Your Child’s First Trip to the Beach.

You may have already bought your child an adorable sun hat and a bottle of sunscreen, but there are a few more considerations you need to take into account to make sure your child’s first trip to the beach is a success. (To be clear, you still need an adorable hat and sunscreen.)



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Put sunscreen in the beach fridge

In addition to the drinks you normally keep in the refrigerator, you will need to pack more things in this refrigerator. First, place your sunscreen in the refrigerator. Children need a lot of sunscreen , and it’s notoriously difficult to apply any amount, but cold sunscreen feels great on a hot day. (According to Tiny Beans , this will also encourage older kids to dry long enough to reapply , which is a must for all ages.)

You can also add to the refrigerator : ice cubes, yogurt, and a spray bottle of water to cool them down. Just remember to reapply that cold sunscreen after getting wet.

Set a timer on your phone to know when to reapply sunscreen.

You should reapply sunscreen to your child every two hours or so, as well as any time they become sweaty or otherwise wet. In hot weather or when they are playing, you should also give your child a little water to drink every 20 minutes or so. Setting reminder timers on your phone will help you avoid sunburn and dehydration.

Pack everything in a laundry basket

You may already know that a mesh laundry bag is a great beach bag , but when you’re dealing with an infant or toddler at the beach, you might as well put your fridge in the laundry basket on your way to the beach. Your child may be playing or napping in the basket (although you’ll need to make sure it’s in the shade and that he’s not locked in a tiny prison in direct sunlight), and this can help you calm him down when it’s time to come back. apply sunscreen. It will also function in the same way as a mesh bag: when it’s time to leave, the sand will simply spill out of the holes. (To get sand off your baby and yourself, use baby powder . Bonus points if you keep it cool and in the fridge.)

A parenting blog called Team Johnson also offers this tip: Try turning a stretched sheet upside down and securing the four corners with something heavy to create a sand-free play area if you want. (Your refrigerator and laundry basket can fill two of those corners.)


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