How to Turn Off Google Assistant When You Don’t Need Its Damn Help

Google Assistant is a useful part of the Android ecosystem. It will help you set reminders, make calls, and even search for that weird song. But at the same time, this is another thing vying for your attention. If you end up accidentally launching Google Assistant from time to time, or just don’t feel the need for it anymore, there’s a way to turn it off.



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There are two ways to do this. You can either turn off the entire Google Assistant voice search feature or turn off the wake-up word ” Hey Google ” or ” OK ​​Google “. Thus, Google Assistant will be available to you, but will not be accidentally launched.

Before disabling Google Assistant, make sure all your Google Reminders are created or transferred to another device. Once you disable Google Assistant, you will also lose access to the Reminders feature (this is not the same as the Google Keep app).

To disable this feature completely, open the Google app on your smartphone and tap the Profile icon. Select ” Settings ” > ” Google Assistant ” > ” General “. Here, disable the ” Google Assistant ” button. In the pop-up window, click on the “Turn off” button and you’re done.

If you only want to turn off the wake word, open the Google app, tap your profile icon, and select the Settings option. Here go to Google Assistant > Hey Google & Voice Match . Then turn off the ” Ok Google ” feature.

Disabling Google Assistant doesn’t mean you lose all the smart features of Google apps. You will find that your Discover feed is intact and you can press the microphone button in the Search app (or home screen widget) to start a voice search in the Google app (instead of getting a response through the Assistant).


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