9 Things Our Parents Did That We Should Definitely Bring Back

Back in the day—which for our purposes we’ll define as the 1980s and 90s—parents acted differently. Unlike “helicopter parents”, they were at the peak of freedom, allowing their children to ride bikes for hours in the neighborhood, flutter from house to house and yard to yard, drink from a garden hose, and return home only when they are hungry or hungry. . the street lights came on. The kids were faced with much less structure and control, and that was great.

Although it would be unwise to bring back all of those golden days when parenting didn’t become micromanaged (because we got burnt legs from hot metal rails and rode in the back of a van for 12 hours). riding without seat belts… not so safe), there are certain aspects of the prevailing parental spirit of 30-40 years ago that are worth resurrecting. Here are some of the things the “old parents” did that we need to bring back.


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